Alfredo Román

The Legacy

Alfredo A. Roman (Buenos Aires, January 16, 1943) Argentine businessman, founder of Roman Organization (1961). With over 50 years of experience, he created other companies joined the group with the aim of offering the services and supplies needed to carry out projects "turnkey".

His companies have been involved in large-scale projects for the country, always promoting national development and providing advanced technology to constant investment in technical and scientific research, enabling significant innovations in industry and logistics.

With constant and developing technologies, with a view to continuous improvement in all its activities, work managed to become one of the most successful Argentine businessmen in recent decades, always linked to industry and transport.

Throughout his career he has shown a strong commitment to the development of people within a framework of dignity and sustainability. With this commitment, together with strategic partners and allies, promotes a diversified portfolio of projects that strengthen human capital, social capital and institutional capital as fundamental pillars for constructing a more equitable and sustainable society.

Together with his sons he curled a legacy of love for his family by which summon their descendants to continue to support a work culture founded on values that transcend society.

As founder of the Roman Organization and chairman of the Labor and Human Development Foundation every day working with their children and partners to ensure the fulfillment of its mission.

The Book

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"The Legacy" a book that demonstrates facts respecting a scale of values and sticking to one's convictions, a person can fulfill his mission in life it is.

From a particular perspective, Alfredo Román addresses the political and economic dynamics of the Argentina of the past 50 years and tells the adventure of doing business in South America. Also explores those themes that obsess him and, sure, should be the basis for building a better society: ethics, family values, the pursuit of collective happiness and the need to strengthen republican institutions.

This book is the story of a person who shows his nature without hiding anything. His convictions and commitment to family and the society reacted by adopting roles at all times in keeping with the circumstances.

Exploring The legacy is daring to think to Argentina in an inspiring way.

Tripod Development

"I am convinced that Argentina has the opportunity to make up for lost time and find your way, inserted in an increasingly competitive world. It can also be enhanced individually to capitalize the advantages resulting from membership of South America. To follow that path, our country needs to consolidate development tripod that constitute human capital, natural resources and republican institutions”.


Susana Losada “…I sincerely congratulate Mr. Roman, because today there are very few people that give real value to the family. I fully share his concepts. Hopefully continue with great success their businesses and their thinking, feeling and action is an example for this society that is so worn and poor value…”
Marcelo Borelli “…I'm totally grateful that there are so momentous as Alfredo Roman people, who give us the ability to inspire through such profound messages to all Argentines who dream of a better country, based on values, love and culture born from the family, work and respect for others…”
Facundo Rodriguez “…I would like to give my deepest appreciation for this contribution. You're a generous person, probably not aware of what his legacy can inspire, motivate and even change the course of the lives of others. The Legacy is probably what I needed to find in personal search, which has existed for several years…”
Gustavo Sánchez “…I have read your book and it fills me with energy and makes me think I'm on the same path as you, because I have a family SME business of freight in which I am the third generation and where my grandfather and my father have instilled in me the values ​​that you speak beyond that sometimes go against everything but still hand forward…”
Juan Carlos Manassero “…was so very great joy to learn that there are people in my beloved country as you, who could not believe it. All written concepts there are so humbly try to instill in my four children whom I love. I do not have your level of expression but the bases are 100% shared…”

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